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How to preserve a spider's web

Not the kindest thing to do to a spider, but it is a lot kinder than what most people do to spiders. Preserving a web is a great idea for a school project, because it might help instil a sense of awe about nature in the kids, which will help all spiders in the longer term. Ok, rationalisation over, on with the web...

Tools required:

Can of spray paint
Can of hairspray
Thick card that contrasts with your color of your spray paint

What to do:

1. Find a cool looking spider web. Evict the spider withut harming her (or him?)
2. Spray a coat of paint on both sides of the web. Remember, that you are working outdoors with a spraycan. Be careful of getting paint on your clothes, in your eyes etc.
3. Once dry, apply a second coat and again wait for it to dry
4. Now spray the hairspray which will act like a glue onto the web. Carefully bring the card to the web and cut the supporting strands so that the web lies nicely on the card.
5. Get indoors and spray at least one more coat of hairspray onto the web to fix it to the card.