How to create a snowman christmas card

snowman card completed

Here is a simple Snowman and below are step by step instructions on how to create one for yourself.

This snowman card can be done either using a computer paint programme or paper cut outs.


Starting with a blob. Very roughly round. The shape doesn’t really matter. It is the colouring that makes this snowman look good. You need a smooth transition from deep blue in the botton left corner to very light blue top right.

Add a second slightly smaller blob for the body

snowman head

And once a third smaller blob is added for the head, you have a basic snowman.

snowman with carrot nose

The carrot nose has a lighter stripe going along it, as if it has been caught by moonlight.

eyes and buttons for a snowman

I used coal for the eyes and pine cones for his coat buttons. You could stop there, but I finally added an arm and spade to by snowman. I was just lucky that my paint program (Paint Shop Pro) had a spade already in it as a pre-set option.

snowman with spade

If you are creating this card using paper and paint then fill a big piece of paper with the blue gradient and cut out the blobs once it is dry. Then glue them onto a background that has a dark blue gradient that gets lighter as you go down the page.

Crafter Author