How to make a Native American Breastplate

How to make a Native American Breastplate If you are going to a fancy dress party with a ‘cowboys and indians theme’ then you will be able to find native american head-dresses in party stores. However, you never see the lovely breasplates (this design is based on those originally worn by Soux warriors). So, here […]

norman helmet

Make a paper mache helmet

Whether it is a Roman helmet, Viking Helmet, Medieval Helmet or Science Fiction Helmet you want to make, paper mache (papier mache) is an excellent modelling material for armour. The main advantages of paper mache for armour is that the resulting helmet is easy to make using readily available materials, is safe for kids and […]


How to reinforce paper mache

Paper mache (papier mache) is basically paper and a starch based glue. Although it is an excellent modelling material (easy, safe, cheap) it can be a little weak, so here is how to make papier mache stronger. Choose a stronger glue The cheap options of flour or wallpaper paste are fine in many situations, but […]

chain mail

How to make chain mail armour

The best medieval costume is an authentic one, so why not make proper metal chain mail (or maile). From the Roman period to the 1500s, mail was the basis of a knight’s armor. The richest combined the mail with plate armour, but in general leather and mail were the most usual forms seen on the […]