Embossing Metal

This is a great craft hobby and one I fell in love with a couple of years ago. The tools are very simple and the finished effects can be breathtaking. You know it is a good job when you look back it a finished piece and say “wow, did I really do that?” https://goo.gl/images/44Xc6G The […]

Paint fake marble

faux painting techniques for free Lets start with marbling. This is a really effective and surprisingly easy technique to get the hang of. You will surprise yourself with how quickly you can achieve some spectacular results.. 4 small tins of paint (emulsion tester pots, oils, acrylics and even watercolours are all good). Get one light colour […]


How to create a snowman christmas card

Here is a simple Snowman and below are step by step instructions on how to create one for yourself. This snowman card can be done either using a computer paint programme or paper cut outs. Starting with a blob. Very roughly round. The shape doesn’t really matter. It is the colouring that makes this snowman […]


How to reinforce paper mache

Paper mache (papier mache) is basically paper and a starch based glue. Although it is an excellent modelling material (easy, safe, cheap) it can be a little weak, so here is how to make papier mache stronger. Choose a stronger glue The cheap options of flour or wallpaper paste are fine in many situations, but […]

spore print

Spore Print Art

With a little bit of help from mother nature, anybody can produce totally original and unique art like this. What is a spore print? Spores are the seeds of a mushroom or toadstool. they are very tiny and ever so slightly sticky. Each mushroom produces millions of spores. Normally when they fall from a mushroom, […]