Embossing Metal

This is a great craft hobby and one I fell in love with a couple of years ago. The tools are very simple and the finished effects can be breathtaking. You know it is a good job when you look back it a finished piece and say “wow, did I really do that?” https://goo.gl/images/44Xc6G The […]

DAS Pronto

Alternatives to clay

Traditional natural clay is lovely to work with, for both sculpting or pottery. However it needs a kiln heated to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit to get fired in. If, like most people,  you don’t have access to a kiln, then clay is pretty much useless to you. You can sculpt in other materials of course. Paper […]

Paint fake marble

faux painting techniques for free Lets start with marbling. This is a really effective and surprisingly easy technique to get the hang of. You will surprise yourself with how quickly you can achieve some spectacular results.. 4 small tins of paint (emulsion tester pots, oils, acrylics and even watercolours are all good). Get one light colour […]


How to create a snowman christmas card

Here is a simple Snowman and below are step by step instructions on how to create one for yourself. This snowman card can be done either using a computer paint programme or paper cut outs. Starting with a blob. Very roughly round. The shape doesn’t really matter. It is the colouring that makes this snowman […]

How to make a Native American Breastplate

How to make a Native American Breastplate If you are going to a fancy dress party with a ‘cowboys and indians theme’ then you will be able to find native american head-dresses in party stores. However, you never see the lovely breasplates (this design is based on those originally worn by Soux warriors). So, here […]

paper models sci fi

Free Paper Science Fiction Models

Free Paper Science Fiction Models to download and build yourself. There are so many great sci-fi models to download for free that they deserve a page of their own. Star Wars Star Trek Dr Who Batman Star Wars Paper Models A beautifully detailed x-wing fighter to download and make. Star Wars ATAT snow walker Millenium Falcon Papercraft […]

paper fokker triplane model

Free Paper Models to download and build yourself.

Loads of great models are available for free to print off and make. Here is my long list of the very best I can find. These cool paper models are all added here because the end result looks good. Some models are harder than others to build. I have grouped them by type of model. […]

norman helmet

Make a paper mache helmet

Whether it is a Roman helmet, Viking Helmet, Medieval Helmet or Science Fiction Helmet you want to make, paper mache (papier mache) is an excellent modelling material for armour. The main advantages of paper mache for armour is that the resulting helmet is easy to make using readily available materials, is safe for kids and […]

paper modelling

How to create Paper Models

Paper Modelling is a great hobby that costs practically nothing. It is suitable for all ages except children too small to use scissors. This is a beginners guide to making paper models. My first paper model – Baron Von Richthofen’s Fokker triplane Paper Models are cheap (the triplane above was free) and readily available. There […]


How to create Matchstick Models

Matchstick Models are great for kids and adults of all ages. My first experience of matchsticks was as supports for various parts of paper models. From here it was a simple step to move completely to wood (matchsticks) as my main construction material. Why Matchstick Models? Matchstick Models are cheap, wasy to make and readily […]